Reveal Med Spa Insurance Policy

Our Financial Policy

Reveal Med Spa collects all fees for our services from you at the time service is delivered. We are considered Out of Network for all insurance plans. We can provide a detailed receipt you can submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement, if required.

Insurance for Laboratory Testing

Renew Med Spa requires a full blood panel prior to your first visit. Dr. Imtiaz will review the results with you during your initial consultation. You can choose the outpatient lab for your bloodwork which is covered by most insurance companies. On average, lab work will take 5 business days to return and will need to be scheduled prior to your initial consultation.

Will Insurance Cover My BHRT Prescriptions?

Some BHRT prescriptions are available at commercial pharmacies and are covered by insurance plans. Sometimes, a specialized compounding pharmacy will need to be used to make customized medications, and most compounding pharmacies do not accept insurance.

Dr. Imtiaz works with several compounding pharmacies throughout Houston and can work with you to ensure your medication is as affordable as possible.

New Patient Specials Available

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