About Reveal Med Spa

Medical Spa & Wellness Center located in Houston, TX

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About Reveal Med Spa

Reveal Med Spa is a patient-oriented medical spa and wellness center in Houston, Texas. With a holistic approach, board-certified gynecological surgeon Farhina Imtiaz, MD, FACOG, leads a team of professionals dedicated to developing long-lasting relationships with patients while partnering with them on setting and achieving health and wellness goals. 

On the wellness side, Dr. Imtiaz offers extensive testing, including hormone tests, to evaluate your health and find the source of your symptoms. She also provides nutritional analyses to check for any deficiencies contributing to your concerns. She offers many types of hormone replacement therapy, including menopause treatment, andropause treatment, sermorelin for human growth hormone (HGH), and thyroid hormone optimization. 

Reveal Med Spa also offers wellness services like individualized medical weight loss in addition to anti-aging support, including medical-grade supplements. Dr. Imtiaz’s objective is to help every patient feel and function in their absolute best possible state as they age. Women experiencing sexual health challenges rely on Dr. Imtiaz’s compassionate approach, including nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments. 

Aesthetic services are also available to patients at Reveal Med Spa. Dr. Imtiaz specializes in injectables like botulinum toxin and fillers alongside various energy-based treatments like skin tightening. Additionally, she offers platelet-rich plasma (PRP) microneedling for skin rejuvenation and hair growth. 

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